Curia | Empowering Cancer Patients

CURIATM, the leading app for cancer patients with more than 800,000 users, announced that it has partnered with Manta Cares in the United States.

Through this strategic partnership, CURIATM and Manta Cares aim to empower cancer patients in their treatment journey by encouraging them to track their health and disease state to make dealing with the healthcare system simpler and organized, giving patients more control during their cancer treatment journey.

The Functioning Of Curia App


The patients at the heart of our solution

The CURIATM app provides cancer patients with accurate and current information about treatments, trials and experts, tailored to their specific cancer type. AI technology, supported by a human care-team, is used to keep information in the app up-to-date and ensure results are tailored to the user’s cancer profile. The app seeks to address the alarming statistic that as many as 70% of those who have had cancer report being dissatisfied with the information they receive.

The CURIATM App is powered by blockchain technology to ensure anonymity and protection with the best security features.

From the app, users can utilize services like connecting and communicating with a “Cancer Twin”, accessing other digital therapeutic apps and also connect with cancer resources like Manta Cares.



cancer patients globally have benefited from the CURIATM App



new patients are joining daily from around the world

About Manta Cares

For cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors

Manta Cares mission is to make the cancer experience just a little easier. Manta Cares designs and develops helpful tools and resources for anyone navigating the cancer experience – as a patient or a caregiver.

Manta Cares offers:

Manta Planner ©

Manta Planner ©, an evidence-based tool for cancer patients, caregivers and survivors. This all-in-one physical planner helps cancer patients stay organized during this overwhelming journey. Individuals using Manta Planner say they feel more in control, have greater peace of mind and more confidently communicate with their care team.

The Patient from Hell Podcast

The Patient from Hell Podcast: Manta Cares brings together the world’s best thought leaders in the cancer space to share insights with caregivers and patients navigating cancer.

Manta Cares Newsletter

Our practical writings on how to embrace, and live through a cancer experience. Our newsletters go out every 2 weeks, and are a quick read.

Manta Global Community

Caregivers and survivors support one another through sharing their stories, tips & tricks, and how they navigated cancer.

Samira Daswani

A Cancer Survivor

Samira Daswani’s Story

Manta Cares was born from our founder Samira’s personal experience as a cancer patient. Samira was diagnosed with breast cancer a week after turning 30. An AYA cancer survivor, she is on a mission to help patients, survivors, and caregivers thrive during their cancer journeys.

“I was lucky—I had a lot of support from my loving family and wonderful community. Despite being relatively well-prepared, battling cancer was the most overwhelming two years of my life. Sometimes I still feel utterly out of control. Planning helps me and my loved ones know what is going on and what the next day, week, or month will look like. Together we designed Manta Planner as a way to give back to this wonderful community of cancer patients, caregivers, and supporters that we now belong to.”

Manta Planner © is now available on the CURIATM App at a special discount for anyone who belongs to the CURIATM ecosystem.

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