Curia | Empowering Cancer Patients

CURIATM, the leading app for cancer patients with more than a million users, announced that it has partnered with Derma2Go, an online platform to connect with dermatologists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Through this strategic partnership, CURIATM and Derma2Go aim to empower cancer patients in the AMRIT ecosystem in their cancer journey by encouraging them to track and monitor their health and disease state to give patients more control of their treatment journey.


The patients at the heart of our solution

The CURIATM app provides cancer patients with accurate and current information about treatments, trials and experts, tailored to their specific cancer type. AI technology, supported by a human care-team, is used to keep information in the app up-to-date and ensure results are tailored to the user’s cancer profile. The app seeks to address the alarming statistic that as many as 70% of those who have had cancer report being dissatisfied with the information they receive.

The CURIATM App is powered by blockchain technology to ensure anonymity and protection with the best security features.

From the app, users can utilize services like connecting and communicating with a “Cancer Twin”, accessing other digital therapeutic apps and also connect with cancer resources like Derma2Go.



cancer patients globally have benefited from the CURIATM App



new patients are joining daily from around the world

About derma2go

Dermatologist online: Diagnosis and treatment plan within hours!

Suffering from cancerous disease of your skin? With us, you get access to leading skin experts. We strive for the highest possible treatment success.

Skin diseases and cancer

Skin diseases affect up to 2 billion people worldwide, spreading across all regions and age groups. Dermatology is a diverse specialty, ranging from aesthetic complaints to chronic inflammatory diseases and malignancies. Skin cancer is the most common cancer worldwide, with melanoma being the most deadly form

It´s that easy – 3 steps:

1. Upload photos of the affected skin areas.

Upload images of the affected skin areas from multiple angles and distances. Make sure the images are of good resolution.

2. Fill in the medical questionnaire

Complete the medically validated questionnaire completely and truthfully. Describe all relevant details that the doctor needs for the diagnosis.

3. Register and receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan

Register once to complete the request to our experts. In just a few hours you will receive a precise diagnosis, treatment plan and medication or prescription at home.

For more information, please download the Curia app