Curia | Empowering Cancer Patients

CURIA, the leading app for cancer patients with more than 15,00,000 users, announced that it has partnered with CARER.

Through this strategic partnership, CURIA and CARER offers India’s first Integrative Oncology solution that provides evidence based, lifestyle and holistic therapies that are complementary to mainstream cancer treatment through personalised digital onco-health platform. Through that they provides cancer patients with customised nutrition and integrative programs developed by trained oncology experts, adhering to the best clinical practices in the field of oncology.


Heal, feel and live better with CARER
India’s first personalised, Integrative Oncology program

The CARER advantage

CARER’s programs are prescribed by leading oncologists as an essential part of cancer treatment. The growing integration of our programs with medical/conventional care treatment are proof of the efficacy of including personalised, evidence based integrative care in a patient’s treatment and recovery.

In 2018, CARER started as an integrative platform to provide all the resources one might need to manage cancer effectively. Along the way, we came to realise the urgent need for personalised cancer care that is delivered with a human touch.

By 2019, CARER grew to offer its own team of highly skilled cancer nutritionists, yoga practitioners, physiotherapists and mental health counsellors. With their combined expertise and experience, the platform evolved into a structured, scientifically validated program widely supported by oncologists and medical institutions.

Today, CARER is a personalised digital onco-health platform that provides cancer patients with customised nutrition and integrative programs developed by trained oncology experts, adhering to the best clinical practices in the field of oncology. These programs help manage the side effects of cancer, improve response to treatment, adherence, survival, quality of life and reduce healthcare costs. This has allowed us to work closely with cancer groups, oncologists, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies as well.

What CARER is offering through their integrative care


Clinical Nutrition | What you eat affects how well you recover

Food is medicine, but the wrong food can impede recovery. CARER’s programs provide you with a customised diet plan and access to a personal Onco Clinical Nutritionist who manages all your nutritional deficiencies, weight and other nutrition concerns to expedite recovery.


Movement & Meditation | When in doubt, keep moving

CARER’s Movement & Meditation therapy uses Yogasanas, breath work and meditation techniques tailored to cancer patients in order to manage pain and strengthen the body and mind. Along with physiotherapy for specific physical conditions.


Mental Well-being | Change your mind, change your life

The mind plays an essential role in recovery and healing. Cancer is not only a physical illness but one which affects our psychological state of being. CARER’s Mental Well-Being therapy shows you exactly what you can do to heal mentally.

Its time to see the results of CARER’s Therapy

Assess & Manage Your Risk

The CARER Lifestyle Risk Assessment to Prevent Cancer is presented as a simple, user-friendly questionnaire that takes just minutes to complete, thereby making it accessible to all. Through a multi-variate scoring system, Carer analyses the user response, generates a risk score based on the 15 parameters, and provides customised counselling and expert therapy to help manage and lower one’s cancer risk.


Validated by some of the most reputed healthcare practitioners and hospitals around the world.

“I am personally delighted that programs such as CARER have come into the country. Taking a holistic approach based on scientific evidence and qualitative components through personal involvement with the Oncologist and their staff, to look into nutrition, physical and mental well-being is very pertinent in our setup.”

Appreciation from patients

“Today I can actually walk 10 km and run 4 km without any problems. My thigh muscles and legs have become very strong. Stronger than anyone my age in fact – thanks to CARER.”

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