Curia | Empowering Cancer Patients

Yuvraj Singh Foundation, also known as YouWeCan is a non-profit organization established by international cricketer and cancer survivor Yuvraj Singh. The Foundation is zealously working to empower every individual to defeat cancer through four key focus areas – awareness, screening, treatment support and survivor empowerment. Till date, the Foundation has impacted over 350,000 lives through various initiatives and programs.
Yuvraj Singh Took Picture With Kids

The Cancer Awareness Program

Regular awareness camps, Anti-tobacco workshops

The Cancer Awareness Program is aimed to spread awareness on different types of cancers as well as the importance of getting screened timely and regularly, by leveraging various online and offline mediums. These include –

Regular awareness camps conducted in different parts of India with a focus on oral, breast and cervical cancer awareness in addition to providing tobacco-cessation counseling

Anti-tobacco workshops conducted in schools and colleges at pan India level to ensure the youth is sensitized for the ill-effects of tobacco on health

Awareness events and workshops conducted in corporate offices, residential complexes, community centres, shopping complexes and hospitals across India

The Cancer Screening Program

Individually and personally, prevention and diagnosis

The Cancer Screening Program is focused to screen for underprivileged communities in multiple locations for cancer. Timely and regular screening are one of the key tools to fight cancer and this is the basic premise of this program.

Till date, the Foundation has screened over 155,000 people for oral and breast cancer. Yuvraj Singh Foundation plans to expand the program to include cervical cancer screening in the future.

One of the flagship projects in Goa, Swasth Mahila Swasth Goa is an initiative to provide technological intervention, training and capacity-building support to the government of Goa to screen 100,000 women in Goa for breast cancer over a period of two years. This includes providing free treatment to all positive cases with the support of the Goa Government.

YouWeCan Cancer
Treatment Fund

The YouWeCan Cancer Treatment Fund for pediatric patients provides financial assistance for the treatment of eligible cancer patients to a maximum limit of INR 200,000 per patient. This is applicable only to patients below the age of 18 years, who belong to an underprivileged background having an annual household income of up to INR 200,000. This program is implemented by partnering with government and charitable hospitals across the country. To ensure transparency and to maintain strong financial control, the funds are disbursed directly to the hospitals.

YouWeCan Scholarship
for Cancer Survivors

Through the YouWeCan Scholarship for Cancer Survivors program, the Foundation helps cancer survivor students to reintegrate themselves into the formal education system by providing scholarships up to INR 25,000 per student per year. This includes school as well as college students belonging to the underprivileged background having an annual household income of up to INR 200,000. Once a student is enrolled in this program, they are supported for the next five years of their academics or until the completion of the course, whichever is earlier.

COVID-19 Relief Initiative

Outbreak of COVID-19, Mission 1000 Beds

The world witnessed one of the worst and toughest times during the outbreak of COVID-19. Yuvraj Singh Foundation diverted its focus, attention, resources, and efforts towards the outbreak that affected the entire nation and the world at large. Various awareness campaigns were executed in partnership with the Ministry of Health, UNICEF, and multiple state governments. Under these campaigns, 1 million hygiene kits were distributed to frontline healthcare workers and direct support to ten state governments was provided.

Mission 1000 Beds is an initiative of the Yuvraj Singh Foundation that addressed important issues like lack of adequate healthcare infrastructure in India. This initiative was a rapid response solution that scaled up the critical care hospital capacity of 14 different hospitals across India by setting up 1,020 COVID-19 critical care beds.

Through these initiatives and campaigns, the Yuvraj Singh Foundation is determined to build an empowered India that is ready to defeat cancer.