Curia | Empowering Cancer Patients


The SCANOMA app is a mobile app designed to help patients screen their skin for signs of cancer and connect them to online dermatologists.

The SCANOMA App seeks to assist in the prevention of skin cancer and the shortage of immediate access to dermatologists by helping patients learn to distinguish between potentially dangerous skin lesions and regular moles and offers them access to a tentative diagnosis from a dermatologist from the privacy and convenience of a mobile app and within a few hours instead of weeks.

The Scanoma app has two main functions:

  1. A free AI scan that utilizes computer vision technology and a large data set of clinical images in order to provide users with the estimated likelihood that an area contains skin cancer.
  2. The SCANOMA app also offers a confidential tele-dermatological consultation where users can send their scan and their relevant medical information and get a tentative diagnosis and treatments options from a dermatologist. The dermatologist informs the patient what their issue could be and provides advice regarding any next steps (biopsy, dermatoscopy, etc.).

The SCANOMA App aims to make routine skin checks as easy as taking a selfie and is available on the App Store and Google Play.