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Innovative Cancer Research: The Patient and The Blockchain

One year after the Eschborn-based Innoplexus AG hit the headlines with an app Curia as the “New Hope for Cancer Patients”, the healthcare company is already presenting the next development stage of its app. With OncoCoin, AI and blockchain technology could mean a quantum leap for the development of new drugs and focus on the patient.

Curia App – Cancer search engine

When diagnosed with cancer, each patient faces three crucial questions: What treatments are available to me? Who is the best expert? Are there any clinical trials I qualify for?

That was the idea for founding Innoplexus AG and its app innovation Curia: Fight cancer with unbiased and accurate information. With the help of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), the app searches ten billion websites every day and collects and structures targeted medical knowledge from publications, databases and registries for clinical studies, and makes this available to the patient through CURIA. The results of relevant drugs, studies or experts can be saved as favorites and discussed with them the next time they visit a doctor. Innoplexus now holds 39 patents for its platform, which some pharmaceutical companies use for drug development.

Patients and blockchain – boosters for new drugs

The success of clinical trials is ultimately a question of data – a lot of data. “The collection, administration, and analysis of study data is a complex business with many hurdles,” says Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj, founder and CEO of Innoplexus. “Most of this data is either confidential, has never been published, is incomplete or simply not available.” Innoplexus wants to change that with OncoCoin. The idea behind it: Patients who already rely on the power of knowledge with the Curia App can generate knowledge themselves with OncoCoin,” explains Bhardwaj. “In the high-security environment of the blockchain, patients put their therapy data in the direction of research: safe, transparent, and uncomplicated,” says Bhardwaj. The result: With OncoCoin, research gets faster, more and better data directly from the patient. Drug development is receiving a powerful boost. Above all, thanks should go to the patient. Innoplexus has obviously thought of that too. The name says it all: data for a reward – in “OncoCoin”.

Originally published in IHK Hessen. Read the full article here.