Aplicación Curia Innoplexus AG

The Curia Second Opinion feature is a limited, remote second opinion by world-renowned subject matter experts (oncologists) and physicians who will review the medical records of the treatment plans of cancer patients. The doctors shall then analyse these records and provide feedback on the treatment plan in the form of an opinion.

By registering for Curia’s second opinion service, you agree to abide by the below terms and conditions along with the terms and conditions published elsewhere in the app and the portal.

  • This feature is not intended to address emergency or life-threatening medical conditions. If you are facing a medical emergency, please contact your local emergency services immediately.
  • No licensed medical professional-patient relationship is created by using the information provided by or through the use of the site. The action of providing a second opinion or any related activities do not put you in the medical care of the expert providing the second opinion. Your primary or attending physician and local oncologist shall always remain responsible for your treatment, diagnosis and care.
  • Curia or Innoplexus AG shall not be liable or responsible for the medical opinion or recommendations of the physicians associated with it as these doctors are independent practitioners with their own subject matter expertise which they exercise in evaluating the patient’s treatment protocol to provide their professional view on the treatment.
  • Please note that nothing stated in the second opinion report shall be construed as a medical prescription of drugs or medicines of any kind and neither should the opinion be used to procure any prescription or non-prescription drugs.
  • The remote second opinion provided is based on the medical records submitted by you and the validity or authenticity of the medical records submitted is the patient’s responsibility entirely. You understand that it serves you best to provide the latest medical records and test results to provide the best possible opinion.
  • You agree and understand that this remote second opinion does not replace or act as a substitute for professional medical advice provided after a physical inspection, diagnosis or treatment protocol.
  • It is recommended that you do not ignore or delay the medical advice received from your primary oncologist based on inputs from this second opinion.
  • The opinion provided under this feature is different from the typical diagnosis carried out by an attending physician because the physicians associated with Curia are not providing their opinion by examining you in person and observing your physical condition.
  • You agree that due to the limited nature of a remote second opinion, the best way ahead is to discuss the second opinion with your attending oncologist. It is not recommended that you change your existing treatment plan on the basis of this opinion without disclosing this opinion to your doctor.
  • This remote second opinion is not to be treated as a medical examination or medical evaluation or a diagnostics report.
  • This Second opinion in no way provides any warranties or guarantees concerning any specific outcome or result of the treatment nor does it claim to cure your condition.
  • You agree and accept that the physician appointed through this service is qualified and licensed to practice medicine in their geographical location and that you were already willing to seek a second opinion from a similar expert but since the cost of traveling to a foreign expert is very high, you have chosen to use this feature to evaluate your options of an easier way of seeking a second opinion regarding your condition.