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CURIA App – Through the Cancer Journey

CURIA brings technology to patients to help them navigate their cancer journey, giving them access to information about treatments, clinical trials, and cancer experts. “The team we have is based across Germany, the US, and India and is an inspirational group of passionate advocates for patient wellbeing who have brought the app to what it is today. We have medical experts with over 60 years experience in Oncology, alongside data scientists who build and optimize our artificial intelligence and help extract the content for the app,” Dr Gunjan mentions.

Patients in the app are given a questionnaire about their cancer type, stage, and demographics and then receive information about treatments, clinical trials, and experts tailored to this profile. With this data, CURIA comes up with information that is unique to each patient. This empowers them through their cancer journey and enables them to have more productive discussions with their doctor and make important decisions that affect their treatment.

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