Curia | Eine Hoffnung mehr für informierte Krebspatienten.


Create to Heal® is the signature program and online course brought to you by The Women with Wings Foundation for cancer patients, caregivers and healthcare providers. It is based on many years of personal experience and research using all forms of art, including the art of “scribbling and doodling” that allow you to get out of your critical mind, into your heart and subconscious where healing occurs. Breaking stress and pain cycles – whether emotional or physical – is the key to the program’s success.

The online course offers creative tools and techniques to:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress, the number one cause of all diseases.
  • Tap into your inner wisdom and healing.
  • Enhance your resiliency.
  • Regain a sense of power during your journey with cancer.

Developed by a cancer survivor for cancer patients and their loved ones, Create to Heal is uplifting, interactive and fun! You will experience beautiful music, the color and motion of Ebru art, mandalas, all forms of creative writing including poetry, positive affirmations, and a gratitude practice. All materials are included for you to download and keep.

To get started with your Create to Heal course and special Curia offer, please visit the website.